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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WADE, JEPTHA HOMER II - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WADE, JEPTHA HOMER II (15 Oct. 1857-6 Mar. 1926), the grandson of JEPTHA HOMER WADE†, was a financier and philanthropist who helped develop the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART. He was born in Cleveland to Randall P. and Anna R. (McGaw) Wade. Randall Wade (26 Aug. 1835-24 June 1876) went into the telegraph business before becoming a bank executive in 1857. Jeptha Wade II was educated by tutors and in private schools, graduating from Mt. Pleasant Academy in Ossining, N.Y., and earning a master's degree from Western Reserve University. Wade developed a close relationship with his grandfather after his father's early death. He served as an executive in 45 companies, including railways, mining companies, manufacturing firms, and banking institutions; and was a trustee and supporter of Cleveland Art School, the Protestant Orphan Asylum, WESTERN RESERVE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, and WRU. He also contributed to the Children's Fresh Air Camp, Lakeside Hospital, and CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. Wade shared his grandfather's interest in art, was one of the incorporators of the Cleveland Museum of Art in 1913, and served as its first vice-president, becoming president in 1920. His many contributions to the museum included a collection of rare lace, textiles, jewels, enamels, and a number of paintings. He also established a purchasing fund, which grew to more than $1 million. In 1878, Wade married Ellen Garretson. Upon her death in 1917, Wade established a memorial fund in her name to aid charities in which they were interested. Wade had 3 children: Jeptha H., Jr., George G., and Helen W. (Mrs. E.B. Greene).

Jeptha Homer Wade Family Papers, WRHS.

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