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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WALTON HILLS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WALTON HILLS, incorporated as a village in 1951, is southeast of Cleveland and is bounded on the north by MAPLE HEIGHTS, on the east by BEDFORD and OAKWOOD, on the west by VALLEY VIEW, and on the south by Summit County. It occupies 5.5 sq. mi. Walton Hills was created from the southwestern part of Bedford Twp. In 1937 real-estate developer Ludwig S. Conelly bought the J. C Walton farm and laid roads following the natural contours of the land. The isolated location of the homesites on the new Walton Rd. led to the growth of a community zoned primarily for spacious country homes. Efforts to create an exclusive country village were not completely successful. Since ZONING required residential lots to have a minimum of 40,000 sq. ft. (neighboring Maple Hts. only required 6,000 sq. ft.), some residents and developers sought the annexation of all or part of Walton Hills to Maple Hts. This issue was a continuing legal battle. Walton Hills schools are part of the Bedford School System. The city has also been home to a parochial and a vocational school. There is significant INDUSTRY in the area, including the FORD MOTOR CO. Stamping Plant, Normandex, Universal Paint, and the FERRO CORP. Recreational facilities have included 2 golf courses. The population in 1990 was 2,371 and in 2000 was 2,400.

See also SUBURBS.

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