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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

VALLEY VIEW - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

VALLEY VIEW, originally part of Independence Twp., is a small village formed in 1919, located 7 mi. south of downtown Cleveland along the OHIO AND ERIE CANAL in the Cuyahoga River Valley. It is 7 mi. long and 1.5 mi. wide and is bounded by GARFIELD HEIGHTS and WALTON HILLS on the east and INDEPENDENCE on the west. In the early 19th century, the area prospered as an agricultural community (see AGRICULTURE). Residents contracted to construct and maintain the Ohio & Erie Canal. The opening of the canal's Akron-Cleveland section on 4 July 1827 began a new era of transportation: local farmers and tradesmen found cash markets for their crops and services.

Valley View formed from the township of South Newburgh (which had previously split off from Independence Twp.). It adopted the mayor-council form of government and has maintained its own police and fire departments since 1937. Valley View's modern growth began in the 1950s, with businesses such as GRAY DRUG STORES, INC., Big 4 Lumber, and the Norton Construction Co. In 1974 a large portion of the village south of Rockside Rd. and east along TINKER'S CREEK Rd. was incorporated into the new CUYAHOGA VALLEY NATIONAL RECREATION AREA. In 1995 the Valley View schools were part of the Cuyahoga Hts. School System. The population of the village in 1980 was 1,550. It rose to 2,137 in 1990 and 2,179 in 2000.

See also SUBURBS.

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