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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LEBLOND, CHARLES HUBERT - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LEBLOND, CHARLES HUBERT (21 Nov. 1883-30 Dec. 1958) organized and directed the CATHOLIC CHARITIES CORP. (1919-33) in Cleveland. LeBlond was born in Celina, OH, to Ann Brennan LeBlond and Charles LeBlond. When he was 5, the family moved to Cleveland, where he attended ST. JOHN CATHEDRAL school, St. Ignatius High School and College and ST. MARY SEMINARY. He was ordained in 1909. After 2 years as assistant at St. John Cathedral, LeBlond served for 2 months as director of St. Anthony Home (1911). At this time, Bishop JOHN PATRICK FARRELLY† selected him as the first director of the charitable institutions of the Diocese of Cleveland. After 8 years of frustrating fundraising, LeBlond organized Catholic Charities to support diocesan charitable efforts. Its first appeal raised $79,000. Under his direction, the corporation laid a base for the many Catholic institutions which developed to serve the needy, ill, and dependent of the diocese.

Pope Pius XI appointed LeBlond as bishop of St. Joseph, MO, on 21 September 1933. On a train returning to Cleveland from a conference, LeBlond was informed of his elevation by fellow passengers, who included Cleveland mayor RAYMOND T. MILLER†. Also director of Catholic Charities in St. Joseph, LeBlond retired 24 Aug. 1956. He died in St. Joseph.

Diocese of Cleveland, Archives.

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