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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MILLER, RAYMOND THOMAS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MILLER, RAYMOND THOMAS (10 Jan. 1893-13 July 1966), head of the CUYAHOGA COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY for over 20 years, was born in Defiance, Ohio, to Martin E. and Anne Riley Miller. He received his LL.B. degree from Notre Dame University (1914), and moved to Cleveland to practice law. In the Ohio Natl. Guard, he served on the Mexican border in 1916 and in France during WORLD WAR I. Miller was elected county prosecutor in 1928, actively helped defeat the CITY MANAGER PLAN of government, and was elected mayor in 1932. During his term he reduced expenditures to cope with the growing Depression, and persuaded the utilities to lower their rates. HARRY L. DAVIS† defeated him in 1933.

In 1938, after a power struggle with W. BURR GONGWER†, Miller was made chairman of the Cuyahoga County Democratic party. Lawsuits and countersuits followed until 1940, when the state central committee declared his appointment official. He helped the party attract black voters which, combined with its ethnic base, allowed the Democrats to elect mayors for 30 years and obtain a Democratic majority in council. Miller resigned his chairmanship in 1964. Miller also established a successful law practice, serving as counsel for the BROTHERHOOD OF LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS and Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. In business, he helped organize radio station WERE and was active in forming the CLEVELAND BROWNS. He married Ruth Hamilton in 1926 and had 6 children, Mrs. Roseanne Perme, Ray T. Jr., Mrs. Ruth Mary Galvin, Richard, Robert, and Riley. Miller died in Cleveland.

Ray T. Miller Papers, WRHS.

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