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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HADDEN, JOHN A., SR. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HADDEN, JOHN A., SR. (11 July 1886-1 Jan 1979), lawyer and son of Frances (Hawthorne) and ALEXANDER HADDEN†, was born in Cleveland and graduated from Harvard with his B.A. (1908) and his Bachelor of Laws (1910). Returning to Cleveland, he began to practice law and joined TROOP A. In 1912-13, Hadden was an assistant federal district attorney for the northern district of Ohio. In 1916 he served with Troop A on the Mexican border. He then went to Europe as part of the American Expeditionary Forces. When he returned to Cleveland, he took up law again as an assistant prosecuting attorney for Cuyahoga County.

Hadden was elected a Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives in 1925 and served until 1931. His law practice consisted largely of probate and corporation reorganization. He was a trustee in the bankruptcy of the Erie Railroad Co. whose reorganization he successfully helped carry out. In the early 1930s, he was a founding partner of Andrews, Hadden & Burton, which is now (1995) ARTER & HADDEN. In 1942, Hadden was appointed deputy regional director of the war production board for Cleveland. He was later involved in the development of SEVERANCE TOWN CENTER in CLEVELAND HEIGHTS in the early 1960s with Severance A. Millikin, his brother-in-law. Hadden was active in local Republican politics and was chairman of the CUYAHOGA COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY finance committee. Hadden married Marianne Elisabeth Millikin in July 1922 and had 3 children: Alexander, Elisabeth, and (Dr.) JOHN A. HADDEN†. He was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

O'Hara, Janet. Arter & Hadden: 1843-1993, 150th Anniversary History.

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