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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HADDEN, JOHN ALEXANDER, JR. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HADDEN, JOHN ALEXANDER, JR. (3 June 1923-31 May 1994) was a distinguished child psychiatrist affiliated with many of Cleveland's medical and social service agencies. A native Clevelander, he was the son of Marianne Millikin and JOHN A. HADDEN†. Upon his graduation from Harvard in 1944, he served on the staff of Gen. George S. Patton in Europe during WORLD WAR II. He received his M.D. in 1954 from Western Reserve University Medical School (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY) and joined the staff of UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS CASE MEDICAL CENTER. Hadden was also a staff psychiatrist for the CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY and the CUYAHOGA COUNTY JUVENILE COURT. In 1969 he became a trustee of the Cleveland Center for Research in Child Development at the Hanna-Perkins Therapeutic Nursery School, serving as the Center's president from 1979-91. He worked with the CENTER FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN to have the Hanna-Perkins School established as a separate entity in 1979. Hadden also was a vice-president of the FEDERATION FOR COMMUNITY PLANNING and a trustee for a number of other social welfare and mental health agencies. In 1986 he was given the first Distinguished Service Award of the Mental Health Assembly, an education and advocacy organization. He was married since 1955 to the former Elaine Grasselli, who later became the first woman to serve as director of a major local bank (UNION COMMERCE BANK, 1972) and as chairman of the Board of Overseers of CWRU (1974). Hadden died in Cleveland, survived by his wife and 2 daughters, Lucretia Weiner and Alexandra Hanna.

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