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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CLEVELAND WHIG - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The CLEVELAND WHIG, after the appearance of a specimen issue on 20 Aug., began regular weekly publication under the editorship of Lewis L. Rice on 10 Sept. 1834. Politically, it advanced Whig party ideals and was sympathetic toward the rising antislavery movement. Francis B. Penniman of Utica, NY, joined Rice in a partnership from Jan. 1835 to Apr. 1836. Shortly before the CLEVELAND HERALD became a daily, Rice converted the Whig into a semiweekly on 3 Mar. 1835, published on Tuesdays and Fridays, although the weekly Wednesday edition, now consisting mostly of reprinted material from the semiweekly, was maintained for circulation in outlying areas. When Rice began the CLEVELAND DAILY GAZETTE in May 1836, the semiweekly was absorbed by the new venture, and the weekly Whig survived to the end of the year, mainly on reprints from the Gazette.

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