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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

CLEVELAND HERALD - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The CLEVELAND HERALD (1925) was the second attempt by ORMOND A. FORTE† to found an African American newspaper. Like Forte's Cleveland Advocate (1914-24), it attempted to reconcile the self-help tradition of the older black leadership with the more aggressive tactics of a newer generation. Begun in 1925 as a campaign paper, the Herald outlasted the campaign by 2 years before the withdrawal of backing forced its suspension. Forte returned to publishing ca. 1935 with the Cleveland Eagle, which continued to 1938. Shortly thereafter he revived the Herald and managed to keep it alive for over a decade. Originally a 16-page tabloid, by 1946 the Herald was an extremely well-printed, full-sized weekly of 8 pages. Essentially it was also a 1-man operation, although Forte occasionally acknowledged the assistance of an associate editor or business manager. The paper reverted to tabloid size in 1949. Incorporation as Ohio Daily Enterprise may have brought Forte fresh capital, for on 4 July 1950, the Herald celebrated the acquisition of its own printing press with a 46-page "Negro Achievement" edition featuring thumbnail sketches of over 100 prominent African American Clevelanders. By 1954, however, Forte evidently ended his last newspaper.

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