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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

ACACIA COUNTRY CLUB - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The ACACIA COUNTRY CLUB, located on the northeast corner of Cedar and Richmond roads in LYNDHURST, opened on 31 May 1921, although only 9 holes of its golf course were completed and it had no official clubhouse. Originally limited to Masons, it was later opened to non-Masons. The club covered 300 acres and offered some of the finest golfing in the area. Its course was designed by Donald Ross, a Boston golf expert, and Henry A. Tremaine was the first president. There were approx. 400 members during the club's initial years.

Initially a golf club, Acacia steadily developed into a leading country club. On 4 July 1922, a $200,000 clubhouse was opened. In the summer of 1954 a $75,000 pool was added, complete with dressing rooms and a snack bar. Major additions to the clubhouse began in May 1963 and were finished by 1964. A new portico and stone front were added to the exterior. A new powder room was built by the main entranceway, and a large building to the west of the clubhouse was built to house a mixed grill, men's card room and bar, and a new men's lockerroom. The interior decorators for the additions were Holzheimer's Interiors. In 1993 the Acacia Country Club owned 176 acres and had 440 members.

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