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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

WOMEN'S PROJECT FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The WOMEN'S PROJECT FOUNDATION was established in 1986 in Cleveland to support projects which benefit WOMEN and/or CHILDREN AND YOUTH, in areas such as alcoholism, FAMILY PLANNING, EDUCATION (especially for minorities), filmmaking, and the arts. It differed from Cleveland's first foundation to focus on women, the WOMEN'S COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, in its status as an independent foundation (rather than a public charity), its large funding base, and in its national rather than local scope. With assets of $8 million in 1993, the independent foundation gave $434,000 in 8 grants ranging from $12,000 to $175,000. In 1994, with offices in the Society National Bank Bldg, the Women's Project Foundation's trustees were Louise L. Gund, Maximilian Kempner, and Society National Bank.


Last Modified: 23 Jul 1997 01:10:54 PM

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