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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, originally part of WARRENSVILLE TWP.., incorporated as Idlewood Village in 1908, adopted the present name in 1925 when JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY moved to the Heights, and became a city in 1940. It is located 8 miles east of Cleveland, occupying 2 sq. mi. and bounded by SOUTH EUCLID on the north, BEACHWOOD on the east, SHAKER HEIGHTS on the south, and CLEVELAND HEIGHTS on the west. During the 19th century, the township's primary occupation was farming (see AGRICULTURE). Around World War I, farming gave way to residential growth. The population grew from about 500 in 1925 to 2,237 in 1930 and 5,981 in 1940. The Jewish Orphan Asylum, incorporated as BELLEFAIRE in 1942, moved to Univ. Hts. in 1929. The city belonged to the CLEVELAND HTS.-UNIV. HTS. PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM, with one Univ. Hts. branch, and the Cleveland Hts.-Univ. Hts. School District. The population of Univ. Hts. in 1980 was 17,055. In 1990 the population dropped to 14,790 but by 2000 was relatively unchanged at 14,146.

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