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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TUCKERMAN, JACOB E. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TUCKERMAN, JACOB E. (23 Aug. 1876 - 27 Feb. 1967) was born in Austinburg, Ohio, son of Mary Ellen (Hopkins) and Dr. LOUIS B. TUCKERMAN†, social reformer and an eminent physician. He received his medical degree in 1902 from the Cleveland College of Physicians & Surgeons, and interned at ST. ALEXIS HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER. While managing a growing private practice, he served many civic causes, including the 1913 Cleveland City Charter Commission, the CLEVELAND MEDICAL LIBRARY ASSN., and the Negro Welfare Assoc. He was also active in local and national medical academies, president of the American Academy of Medicine (1917-18) and the Cleveland ACADEMY OF MEDICINE OF CLEVELAND after its incorporation in 1924. Eventually joining the staff of Euclid-Glenville Hospital, he was chief of surgery and chief of surgery emeritus for many years. Tuckerman, whose father, uncles, and brothers were doctors, raised a family of doctors and nurses, with interning at St. Alexis and working at Euclid-Glenville becoming a family tradition. He and his wife, Katherine (Barton), had six children: Jacob B., William D., Betty, Margaret, Warren, and Robert. Tuckerman, an accomplished figure skater to within 2 years of his death, was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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