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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

THOMAS H. WHITE FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The THOMAS H. WHITE FOUNDATION was founded as the THOMAS H. WHITE CHARITABLE TRUST in 1913 by sewing machine manufacturer THOS. HOWARD WHITE†. First distributed for charitable purposes in 1939, the foundation emphasizes EDUCATION, while also supporting scientific research, care for the sick, aged, or helpless, and recreation--specifying that programs must benefit Cleveland residents. The foundation does not grant to individuals or for annual campaigns, deficit financing, or land acquisition. Recipients of large grants in 1991 included the Inner City School Fund of the CLEVELAND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION ($30,000), the theater of KARAMU HOUSE ($75,000), and the CLEVELAND MUSIC SCHOOL SETTLEMENT ($30,000). The White Foundation annually awards thousands of dollars for scholarships to agencies such as the Cleveland Scholarship Program and to schools such as BALDWIN-WALLACE COLLEGE and BEAUMONT SCHOOL and Benedictine high schools. In 1994, with assets of over $13.7 million, the trust disbursed over $485,135 for grants between $500 and $25,000. Edward F. Bell served as president.


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