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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TRANZONIC FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TRANZONIC FOUNDATION, 30195 Chagrin Blvd., was incorporated in 1976 by Tranzonic Companies, which manufacture and distribute paper, cloth, and vinyl products. As a company-sponsored enterprise, the foundation supports Jewish welfare, community funds, health and social services, and community development, primarily in northern Ohio. Funds are usually provided for annual campaigns and operating budgets, no grants are given to individuals. Recipients include the JEWISH COMMUNITY FEDERATION, MT. SINAI MEDICAL CENTER, and UNITED WAY SERVICES. Tranzonic Foundation had assets of $8.9 million in 1993 and allocated $369,675 for 33 grants in amounts ranging from $150 to $52,000. Officers were James H. Berick, president, Robert S. Reitman, vice-president, and Sam Pearlman, secretary-treasurer.

Last Modified: 20 Jun 1997 10:28:35 AM

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