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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TOWNES, CLAYTON C. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TOWNES, CLAYTON C. (30 Jan. 1888 [1887?]-24 Feb. 1970), president of city council and first mayor of Cleveland under the CITY MANAGER PLAN, was born in Cleveland to Wm. C. and Kate Hoyt Townes, received his LL.D. degree from Western Reserve University Law School in 1911, and that same year took over his father's seat in city council when his father died. Although he lost the seat in the next election, Townes was elected to council as a Republican 2 years later and served 6 terms, 4 of them as its president. When the City Manager Plan went into effect in Jan. 1924, Townes, as council president, became mayor. He resigned as mayor in 1925 and resumed his law practice as a partner in Townes & Portmann. He married Grace Dix in 1917 and had 3 children, Betsy Townes Abbey, Jean Townes Weaver, and Rachel Townes Hale. After his wife's death in 1932, he married Rose Bud. He moved to Florida in the 1930s, where he died.

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