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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TIME - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

TIME magazine was published in Cleveland from 1925-27 in an effort to improve its delivery time to the West Coast. Begun in New York by Britton Hadden and Henry R. Luce in 1923, the fledgling "Weekly Newsmagazine" was often reaching western subscribers 3 days behind schedule. Luce made the decision to relocate in Cleveland during his partner's absence in Europe. In order to save the company from responsibility for moving expenses, editorial employees were dismissed in New York on 17 Aug. 1925 but were promised reemployment if they applied in Cleveland on 19 Aug. Time's first Cleveland issue appeared on 31 Aug. 1925, printed at the Penton Press at W. 3rd St. and Lakeside Ave. (see PENTON, INC.). Time's founders were divided in their feelings toward their new home. Cleveland provided the China-born Luce with an American hometown he had never had, and he comfortably settled with his young family in CLEVELAND HEIGHTS. To the bachelor Hadden, Cleveland was a bastion of Babbittry only slightly ameliorated by the opportunity it afforded him to organize his own sandlot baseball team. Citing Cleveland's remoteness from news sources, Hadden took advantage of a European vacation by Luce to move the editorial staff back to New York in the summer of 1927. The magazine's printing operation was moved to Chicago soon afterwards. Cleveland had been good for Time, nevertheless. Circulation climbed from 70,000 to 111,000 during the Cleveland years, and the magazine's cover also acquired its distinctive red border at the Penton Press.

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