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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

STANDART, NEEDHAM M. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

STANDART, NEEDHAM M. (1797-4 Dec. 1874), shipbuilder and banker, was also engaged in the beef packing industry. He served as mayor of OHIO CITY (CITY OF OHIO) (1840-41) and was one of the 3 Ohio City commissioners who negotiated the union with Cleveland (1850s). Born in Oneida County, NY, Standart moved to Ohio in 1818, entering the shipbuilding and the forwarding and commissioning business in Huron. He built steamers such as the Washington, the Sheldon Thompson, and the Cleveland. In 1836 Standart moved his business to Cleveland, operating first as Standart, Griffith & Co. and later as Standart, Ingraham & Co. He and his wife, Naomi Wilbur, raised 5 children in their Detroit Ave. home. Standart retired about 1870, having built a reputation, according to his Leader obituary, as "one of the ablest of the pioneers who built up the magnificent commerce of the Great Lakes."

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