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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SELTZER, LOUIS B. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SELTZER, LOUIS B. (19 Sept. 1897-2 Apr. 1980), long-time editor of the CLEVELAND PRESS, was born in Cleveland to Chas. Alden and Ella Albers Seltzer, and quit school to work as an office boy at the CLEVELAND LEADER at 12, quickly becoming reporter and writer of a Sunday column, but being fired 2 years later. A year later, Seltzer was a police reporter for the Cleveland Press, in 1916 being named city editor, but, feeling his lack of experience, voluntarily resigned after 3 months, becoming political editor. Appointed editor in 1928, Seltzer held that position 38 years. Stressing the public-service role of the newspaper, Seltzer established close ties with the city's neighborhoods by personal involvement in civic and charitable endeavors. He became "kingmaker" in Ohio politics, notably through the Press's successful sponsorship of Frank J. Lausche and Anthony J. Celebrezze. Beginning in 1937 Seltzer was editor-in-chief of Scripps-Howard Newspapers of Ohio.

Seltzer's autobiography, The Years Were Good (1956), was in the classic Horatio Alger mold, emphasizing Seltzer's rise through application and industry to professional preeminence. Stepping down as editor of the Press in 1966, Seltzer wrote occasional columns for suburban newspapers. He also published a short collection of character sketches, Six and God (1966). He was affiliated with more than 50 organizations, including the Pulitzer Prize Advisory Board from 1956-68. He married Marion Elizabeth Champlin in 1915. Seltzer died in the Medina County home of his daughter, Mrs. Shirley Cooper. His son, Chester E. Seltzer, was also a newspaperman and writer.

Seltzer, Louis. The Years Were Good (1956).

Louis Seltzer Papers, WRHS.

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