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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SCHREMBS, JOSEPH - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SCHREMBS, JOSEPH (12 Mar. 1866-2 Nov. 1945), fifth bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland, was born in Wutzlhofen (Regensburg), Germany to Geo. and Mary Gess Schrembs. He came to America at 11 and studied at St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pa. before teaching in Louisville, Ky. He studied for the priesthood in Quebec and Montreal, was ordained in 1889, and served parishes in Michigan before becoming vicar general of Grand Rapids Diocese in 1903, consecrated auxiliary bishop in 1911. Schrembs was named first bishop of the new Diocese of Toledo in 1911. He was one of 4 bishops on the administrative committee of the Natl. Catholic War Council during WORLD WAR I, after the war successfully lobbying Rome for its continuance and becoming a member of this Natl. Catholic Welfare Council's permanent committee. Schrembs also helped organize the Natl. Council of Catholic Men and the Natl. Council of Catholic Women.

Schrembs became bishop of Cleveland on 8 Sept. 1921. He expanded the Board of Catholic Charities; consolidated the boys' orphanage, opening a model institution on the Parmadale site; began ROSE-MARY CENTER; and relocated ST. MARY SEMINARY. In 1931 he began Sisters' College to provide standardized preparation for teachers in diocesan schools (see ST. JOHN COLLEGE). Schrembs actively supported the trade-union movement, and used RADIO to evangelize and instruct. Schrembs hosted the SEVENTH NATIONAL EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS in Cleveland in 1935, and was given the honorary title of archbishop in 1939. As a diabetic condition increasingly disabled him, a coadjutor bishop, EDWARD F. HOBAN†, was appointed in 1942. Schrembs died in Cleveland and was buried in a crypt beneath the altar of St. John's Cathedral.

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