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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SALEN, CHARLES P. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SALEN, CHARLES P. (5 Dec. 1860-23 June 1924), CUYAHOGA COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY leader, was born in Portsmouth, N.H. to Peter and Fredericka Wyx Salen, came with his family to Cleveland around 1866, and attended 1 year of Concordia College in Ft. Wayne, Ind., before returning to Cleveland to work for the West Side Sentinel. Attracted to politics, he established a weekly Democratic newspaper, as well as the Young Men's Democratic League of Cleveland.

Salen was elected city clerk, serving from 1883-85 and 1887-89. In 1890 he became secretary of the Board of Elections, initiating the use of metal election booths to insure voting secrecy. He managed TOM L. JOHNSON†'s successful campaigns for Congress in 1890 and 1892, and his mayoral campaigns in 1901, 1903, and 1905. He was director of accounts from 1899-1901, with his investigation of the previous McKisson administration returning $20,000 to the city. He was director of public works under Mayor Johnson for 1 year, and was elected county clerk in 1902, serving until 1910. He was also a member of the State Executive Committee of the Democratic party and its chairman in 1903.

A promoter of amateur sports, Salen supported Sunday baseball, organized the Ohio Skating Assoc., and maintained a free skating rink at West Blvd. and Detroit known as Salen's Rink. He operated refreshment stands at PUBLIC SQUARE, LUNA PARK, and Gordon Gardens in association with Jacob Mintz.

Salen married Mamie Schwab and had 2 daughters, Aimee (Lowensohn) and Lorna (Giffin). He died in LAKEWOOD and was buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery.

Chas. P. Salen Papers, WRHS.

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