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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SPANGLER, BASIL L. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SPANGLER, BASIL L. (1822-19 Jan. 1876), dry-goods merchant who served as assistant quartermaster in the U.S. Army during the CIVIL WAR, was the son of Michael and Elizabeth Miller Spangler, who came to Cleveland from Stark County in 1816 and entered the tavern, hotel, and real-estate business. Another son, Miller M. Spangler (1813-5 May 1897), served as Cleveland fire chief (1842, 1844, 1847, 1850-55) and county sheriff. Basil served on the Cleveland Board of Water Works in 1853. He began his military service as quartermaster, with the rank of captain, at Camp Cleveland (see CIVIL WAR CAMPS IN CLEVELAND) in July 1862. In Sept. 1863, he was in charge of the commissary at Camp Cuyahoga, a militia drill and training camp located at Willson's Grove in Cleveland for the 7th Military District, Ohio Militia. Spangler served as quartermaster at Cleveland until July 1865. Spangler married twice: Julia Stedman ca. 1845 and Matilda McCarg (n.d.). He had no children from either marriage. Spangler was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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