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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

SPANISH AMERICAN COMMITTEE - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The SPANISH AMERICAN COMMITTEE, 4407 Lorain Ave., is Cleveland's oldest and largest social service agency serving the area's Latino population. Its mission is to enhance the capacity of Latinos to achieve economic well being, to participate fully in society and to enjoy a full and productive life. SAC opened in 1966 at 4407 Lorain Ave., teaching English as a second language. By the 1990s SAC's operating objective was to help stabilize and strengthen the family unit, and then help create the conditions and resources within the family leading to social and economic well being.

Its clientele is mostly, but not limited to, Latinos, many of whom speak little or no English and who have significant language, educational, and self-esteem limitations. To best serve its client, SAC networks with numerous government and private agencies for the professional expertise needed to address those client problems requiring specialized attention. Since it began SAC has helped more than 80,000 clients. The services provided by SAC include: social services, daycare center, employment and housing services, education, and paralegal services. In addition, SAC provides an advocacy function and serves as a center for Latino social interaction and communication.

SAC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Latino community leaders and others interested in the betterment of the Hispanic minority. In 1995 SAC's executive director was Leo Serrano. Funding was provided by UNITED WAY SERVICES, city, county, state and federal contracts and grants, corporate contributions, foundations grants, individual gifts and fundraising projects.


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