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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PAUL & MAXINE FROHRING FOUNDATION, INC. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The PAUL & MAXINE FROHRING FOUNDATION, INC., was established in 1958 in Cleveland by Paul R. and Maxine A. Prince Frohring (d. 1993) of CHAGRIN FALLS VILLAGE. (That same year, Paul's brother, William, founded the WILLIAM O. AND GERTRUDE LEWIS FROHRING FOUNDATION, INC..) The Paul & Maxine Frohring foundation, an independent foundation, has supported HIGHER EDUCATION, as well as health and social services. In 1983 and 1984, its largest grants supported Hiram College ($10,000, 1983; $15,000, 1984), the HEALTH MUSEUM ($10,000, 1984), and CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY ($5,000, 1984). With assets of over $5.4 million in 1994, the Paul & Maxine Frohring Foundation distributed $158,000. In 1994 the foundation maintained offices in National City Center, with Paul R. Frohring as president.


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