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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PROJECT EVE - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

PROJECT EVE (Education, Volunteerism, & Employment), founded in 1976, was a pioneer effort to bring women into the workforce. Originated by Evelyn Bonder, prime mover of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S YEAR, GREATER CLEVELAND CONGRESS, it spawned DISPLACED HOMEMAKER PROGRAM and WomenFocus at CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE (CCC). Project EVE aimed to provide educational and vocational counseling to women regardless of economic background, lifestyle, age, or marital status. Project EVE's programs offered counseling, which examined and evaluated the changing roles of women, as well as individual and group personal and vocational guidance. Seminars on careers, goals, values, aptitudes, and life planning aided self-assessment. Project EVE was among the first Cleveland programs to confront the issues later outlined as crucial during Intl. Women's Year. Part of the Division of Continuing and Professional Educational Services at CCC, by 1979 Project EVE's purposes were channeled into either Displaced Homemakers or WomenFocus. Both programs emphasize skill development and independence through workshops and CCC courses and in 1995 were part of CCC's Women's Program.

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