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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

NARAL OHIO - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

NARAL OHIO (NATIONAL ABORTION AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS ACTION LEAGUE OF OHIO), founded in 1976 as the Cleveland Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL (CLEVELAND ABORTION RIGHTS ACTION LEAGUE)), works through the political process (see POLITICS) to "guarantee every person the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices. . . ." The statewide membership organization, with offices in Columbus and Cleveland (614 Superior St.) is an affiliate of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. After 1984 CARAL (CLEVELAND ABORTION RIGHTS ACTION LEAGUE) assumed some of the functions of the defunct Education for Freedom of Choice in Ohio (EFCO), publishing the second edition of The Abortion Controversy: Facts, Contacts, Background, A Guide for Ohioans (by Deborah Van Kleef), formerly published by EFCO. In 1988 CARAL (CLEVELAND ABORTION RIGHTS ACTION LEAGUE) merged with the original NARAL Ohio (formed in 1979 in Columbus) but retained its name. By 1992 NARAL represented more than 20,000 abortion-rights supporters.

In 1994 CARAL (CLEVELAND ABORTION RIGHTS ACTION LEAGUE) adopted the name NARAL Ohio and expanded its focus to include all aspects of reproductive freedom for WOMEN and men--including FAMILY PLANNING, sexuality education, and prenatal care--in addition to abortion. The organization has advocated reproductive choice through various means: alerting, educating, and training members to be informed voters and active constituents; encouraging members to lobby legislators and testify at legislative committee hearings; publishing the quarterly Voice of Choice newsletter; monitoring legislation; and participating in national pro-choice demonstrations. It has also coordinated pro-choice coalitions among other groups.

Two other organizations help carry out NARAL Ohio's mission: the NARAL Ohio Foundation, a tax-exempt educational entity, and the NARAL Ohio PAC (Political Action Committee) which endorses and supports pro-choice candidates for public office. Significant support also comes from the WOMEN'S COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. In 1995 Susannah Sagan served as executive director of NARAL Ohio.

NARAL Records, WRHS.

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