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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

NORTH EASTERN OHIO EDUCATION ASSN. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The NORTH EASTERN OHIO EDUCATION ASSN., a voluntary nonprofit service organization primarily for professional educators, at 6500 Pearl Rd., PARMA HEIGHTS, was formally instituted on 13 Nov. 1869 at the WEDDELL HOUSE by a group of administrators and teachers under the name of North Eastern Ohio Teachers Assn. The objectives of the NEOTA, as stated in the constitution (adopted in 1869), have remained essentially the same: professional improvement of its members; the advancement of educational progress of the schools in the northeastern section of Ohio; and the dissemination of correct educational ideas. From an initial 5 regular meetings each year, the number was cut by 1924 to 1 fall meeting for the entire membership marked by a school holiday known as NEOTA Day. Plenary sessions in the morning are held in the Cleveland PUBLIC AUDITORIUM, followed in the afternoon by special-interest-group meetings at various locations throughout the city. In 1989 the name was changed to the North Eastern Ohio Education Assoc. to reflect the changing membership.

Through the years, NEOEA has made many proposals which have resulted in legislation adopted by the General Assembly of Ohio, including the establishment of teacher-training institutions; the State Foundation Bill; teacher certification; teacher retirement laws and salaries; the organization of rural schools; better sanitary conditions in the schools; and the establishment of a State Board of Education. In addition to the annual meeting for the entire membership on NEOEA Day, the association conducts numerous workshops through the year. The association is linked to the Ohio Education Assn. and the Natl. Education Assn. NEOEA celebrated its 125th anniversary in 1994. Lowell Lutz served as executive director in 1995.

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