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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MCCULLOUGH, W. THOMAS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MCCULLOUGH, W. THOMAS (4 Sept. 1907-7 June 1992), social administrator and head of the FEDERATION FOR COMMUNITY PLANNING (1958-72), helped build Cleveland's network of social service agencies. McCullough was born in Orrville, OH. He graduated from Wooster College (1929) and received a master's degree from the School of Applied Social Sciences of Western Reserve University (1933, see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY). McCullough worked at ALTA HOUSE before joining the Federation in 1934 as assistant to the secretary. After serving the Federation as field worker in TREMONT, executive secretary of the group work council, research secretary, and associate executive secretary, McCullough left the city in 1947 and held offices at both the Philadelphia (PA) Community Chest and United Fund. When he was appointed executive director of the Federation of Community Planning, he returned to area, living in LAKEWOOD.

After retirement, McCullough served on the board of the CUYAHOGA METROPOLITAN HOUSING AUTHORITY (1980-88), and as an elder of Lakewood Presbyterian Church. He consulted for the Federation and others on budgetary matters, human services trends, and PHILANTHROPY.

McCullough married Elizabeth Bunn (d. May, 1992) in 1932. They had 2 sons, Thomas B. and William G. and a daughter, Nancy Saborio. McCullough died at Lakewood Hospital.

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