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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MARGUERITE M. WILSON FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The MARGUERITE M. WILSON FOUNDATION was established in 1953 in Cleveland by Rocky River resident Marguerite McCarter Wilson (d. 1989), a retired employee of the CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The foundation has supported HOSPITALS & HEALTH PLANNING and EDUCATION, primarily in Ohio. With assets of over $2.2 million in 1992, the Marguerite Wilson Foundation gave 9 grants that year totaling $93,300 and ranging from $500 to $70,000. The 1992-1993 grants included $70,000 to UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS CASE MEDICAL CENTER (UH) for UH's Clinical Genetic Center, and a total of $16,000 to PRIVATE SCHOOLS ($11,000 to HAWKEN SCHOOL and $5,000 to the Phillips-Osborne School in Painesville). In 1994 foundation offices were located in PEPPER PIKE; Carol Horner Donaldson served as president and treasurer.


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