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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MURCH, MAYNARD HALE - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MURCH, MAYNARD HALE (3 Nov. 1874-28 Feb. 1966) founded the Maynard H. Murch Co. and was called the dean of area investment bankers. He was a conservationist, philanthropist and promoter of the natural sciences.

Born in Chardon, Ohio to Maynard Hale and Lucy (Stephenson), Murch received his A.B. from Western Reserve University in l898, then worked as a reporter for the Plain Dealer until 1903 when he entered the investment field as a bond salesman.

In 1911 he organized the Maynard H. Murch Co., an investment brokerage firm, and served as president and senior partner. In 1920 he transferred the investment part of the business to Maynard H. Murch & Co., a brokerage partnership, with the original firm continuing as a holding company. Murch is credited with putting together the company known as the Whirlpool Corp. In 1950 the investment company became Fulton, Reid & Co., incorporating in 1956 with Murch as a special partner.

Nature and conservationism interested Murch, resulting in a long association as a trustee of the Cleveland Zoo (he donated two Kodiak bears in 1946), Holden Arboretum, and the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. Murch became a Museum trustee in 1938; president, 1949-1952; and life trustee in 1952. He helped provide funding for joint programs with Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY). In 1960 the Museum honored him with the Harold T. Clark Medal. In 1956 he established the MURCH FOUNDATION to promote educational, cultural, and hospital programs.

Murch married Leah Daggett in 1905. They had two sons, Maynard Jr. and Boynton. Murch was Episcopalian, lived in Kirtland and is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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