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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MILLS, JOSHUA - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

MILLS, JOSHUA (1797-29 Apr. 1843), pioneer physician and mayor of Cleveland (1838-39, 1842), was born in New England. After an education in medicine, he came to Cleveland as a physician in 1827. Once established, Mills opened what was to be the most successful pharmacy in the city. Mills became a public figure in 1832 when his assistance in that year's CHOLERA EPIDEMIC OF 1832 made him a member of the city's first Board of Health. In the first city elections of 1836, he became a Whig alderman. He soon became a member of city council and its president in 1837. He ran unopposed for mayor in 1838, and was elected again in 1839. He was defeated for reelection by NICHOLAS DOCKSTADTER† in 1840 and by JOHN W. ALLEN† in 1841. In 1842, he finally succeeded in being reelected to another term in office. Mills married Phoebe Stafford Higby in 1826. The Mills's had four children, Harriet and John Willey (both died of scarlet fever in 1835) and Sylvester and Minerva. Mills died in Cleveland and was buried in the ERIE ST. CEMETERY.

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