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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LORD, RICHARD - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LORD, RICHARD (13 Aug. 1780-24 Jan. 1857), prominent early citizen and mayor of OHIO CITY (CITY OF OHIO), was, with JOSIAH BARBER†, one of the earliest property owners on record. Born in Connecticut, Lord was the son of Samuel Phillips and Rachel White Lord. In 1807, he and Barber undertook to develop land extending along the west border of the CUYAHOGA RIVER in Brooklyn Twp. With his brother Samuel, Lord settled permanently in the area in 1818; his 320-acre farm included much of the lakeshore to what is now W. 117th St. In 1834, Lord became one of the 3 chief stockholders in the CUYAHOGA STEAM FURNACE CO., the first manufacturing concern in Cleveland. In 1840, he and Barber dedicated a parcel of land for a public square at the corner of Pearl and Lorain streets. It later became known as Market Square (now the WEST SIDE MARKET). Lord was mayor of Ohio City in 1843; earlier he served in various local government offices.

On 29 Sept. 1811, Lord married Anna Attwood; they had no children.

Finding aid for the Richard Lord Papers. WRHS.
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