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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LAUB FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The LAUB FOUNDATION was founded in 1958 by Herbert J. Laub (1892-1967) and his sister Elsie K. Laub (1889-1969), of the LAUB BAKING CO. family. The foundation supports private high school scholarship programs, cultural activities, and youth agencies, primarily in Cuyahoga and adjacent counties. No grants are given to individuals, or for endowment funds or loans. The Laub Foundation has funded libraries at UNIVERSITY SCHOOL and the CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY. In 1994, with assets of over $3.62 million, the foundation disbursed over $160,900 for 39 grants between $700 and $6,000. Laub Foundation president and treasurer in 1993 was Malcolm D. Campbell, Jr.

Last Modified: 27 Jun 1997 10:31:22 AM

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