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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LONG, DAVID - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

LONG, DAVID (29 Sept. 1787-1 Sept. 1851), Cleveland's first physician, was born in Hebron, N.Y., to David and Margaret (Harkness) Long. He attended medical school in New York City, received his medical degree in 1810, and moved to Cleveland, the first permanently-settled physician and the only doctor until 1814. During the WAR OF 1812, Long was a surgeon in the Western Army. In 1824 Long became first president of the Society of the State of Ohio's 19TH MEDICAL DISTRICT OF OHIO, forerunner of the ACADEMY OF MEDICINE OF CLEVELAND of Cleveland.

Long was also involved in business. He operated a dry-goods and notions store; in 1816 was an incorporator of the COMMERCIAL BANK OF LAKE ERIE; helped organize the Cleveland Pier Co.; and with LEVI JOHNSON† erected the first warehouse on the CUYAHOGA RIVER in 1817. Later Long concentrated more on business than on medicine. When Cleveland was incorporated as a village in 1814, Long was elected a trustee, serving off and on until 1836; in 1829 he was village president. In 1832 Long was appointed to Cleveland's first board of health, and in 1835 to the committee framing Cleveland's first city charter. In 1811, Long became the first librarian of the Library Society of Cleveland, which he helped organized. He helped establish Cleveland's first church, Trinity Episcopal, in 1817; and in 1820, with his family, became members of Cleveland's first Sunday school. In 1833 he was president of the CLEVELAND ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY.

Long married Juliana Walworth (see JULIANA WALWORTH LONG†) on 7 April 1811 and had 2 children: Mary and Horace. He died in Cleveland and was buried in ERIE ST. CEMETERY. He was transferred to WOODLAND CEMETERY on July 31, 1866.

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