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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

JOINT VETERANS COMMISSION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The JOINT VETERANS COMMISSION, founded in the 1920s, consisted of the following veterans' groups: the Army & Navy Union, USA; the United Spanish-American War Veterans (now defunct); the Jewish War Veterans; the Polish Legion of American Veterans; the Catholic War Veterans; the Marine Corps League; the Military Order of the Purple Heart; the Legion of Valor; and the GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (now defunct). The commission has coordinated efforts of member organizations in discussing, surveying, and acting on legislation and institutions that affect the welfare of veterans. The commission was active in having the veterans' hospitals built on East Blvd. and in BRECKSVILLE rather than in Akron, and in thwarting the move of the Defense Contract Administrative Services Region office from Cleveland to Chicago. It also has participated in parades and ceremonies on Veterans' Day, Flag Day, and Memorial Day. The commission belongs to the Memorial Day Assn. of Greater Cleveland.

Last Modified: 20 Jun 1997 10:27:55 AM

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