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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

JOHN P. MURPHY FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The JOHN P. MURPHY FOUNDATION was founded in Cleveland by Higbee Co. (see DILLARD DEPARTMENT STORES, INC.) president JOHN PATRICK MURPHY† in 1960. Upon Murphy's death in 1969, the majority of his $13 million estate was added to the foundation's assets. The Murphy Foundation emphasizes secondary and higher education but also supports the arts, community and civic causes, social service, and health care (including FAMILY PLANNING). No gifts are made to individuals, or for endowments or loans. The foundation gives almost exclusively in Ohio, except for the occasional exception, such as $100,000 to Notre Dame Univ. in the Philippines (1990). CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, GILMOUR ACADEMY, the Inner-City School Fund of Cleveland, the CLEVELAND BALLET, MUSICAL ARTS ASSN., CLEVELAND OPERA, and SAINT VINCENT CHARITY HOSPITAL AND HEALTH CENTER were among the recipients of 1990 grants of $50,000 or more. In 1993 the Murphy Foundation held assets of over $40 million and spent over $1.95 million for 121 grants, ranging from $125 to $250,000. Herbert E. Strawbridge, former head of the Higbee Co., has served as foundation president since 1984. Murphy Foundation offices are located in TOWER CITY CENTER.


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