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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

JONES, CARLOS L. - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

JONES, CARLOS L. (18 June 1827-5 Feb. 1897) was a businessman, philanthropist, and the founder of The Jones School and Home For Friendless Children (JONES HOME OF CHILDREN''S SERVICES, INC.) on Cleveland's West Side.

Born in New Jersey, Jones came to Cleveland with his family in 1831. At about age 18 he worked as a farm hand in PARMA. Returning to Cleveland, Jones became a successful and wealthy farm equipment manufacturer. Retiring from business in the early 1880's, Jones invested in real estate and became mayor of BROOKLYN.

Jones purchased 52 acres on Pearl St. in Brooklyn Village and built a 160-acre dairy farm. Jones and his third wife, Mary (Brainard) Rowley (died 1898) opened their farm to 12 children to live and learn for a few weeks. Their idea of helping impoverished children through their farm gave way to a children's home.

Incorporated 5 Nov. 1886, The Jones School and Home for Friendless Children opened 15 Dec. 1887 on 7 acres of land donated by Jones at 1663 Pearl St. Carlos and Mary Jones gave the Home as a memorial to John Marvin Jones, his son from his first wife Delia Brainard (died 1853). It was the tragedies of the deaths of his young wife, Delia, and son, the drowning deaths of his and Mary's young son and daughter, and the poverty of his own early years, that led Jones to devote his efforts and property to the care of "friendless" children.

Carlos Jones and his second wife, Susan Barlow, had a daughter, Daisy (Wittenmeyer). Jones belonged to the DISCIPLES OF CHRIST. He is buried in RIVERSIDE CEMETERY.

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