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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HERBERT, THOMAS JOHN - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HERBERT, THOMAS JOHN (28 Oct. 1894-26 Oct. 1974), 56th governor of Ohio, member of the Ohio State Supreme Court, and state attorney general, was born in Cleveland to John T. and Jane A. Jones Herbert. He received his A.B. from Western Reserve University in 1915, but had to dropped out of law school after 1 year because of lack of money. He became a 1st lieutenant in the U.S. Air Service during WORLD WAR I, shooting down 1 German plane and being himself shot down, receiving both the U.S. and British Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart.

Returning to WRU's law school, Herbert graduated, was admitted to the Ohio bar, and was appointed assistant law director in Cleveland in 1920. He served as assistant county prosecutor (1923-24); was appointed assistant state attorney general in 1928; and in 1933 became special counsel to the state attorney general in Union Trust Co.'s liquidation. In 1938, Herbert was elected Ohio attorney general for the first of 3 terms. Herbert defeated Frank Lausche for governor in 1946, but lost to Lausche in 1948, losing the Republican primary for governor in 1952. In 1953, Pres. Eisenhower appointed Herbert chairman of the Subversive Activities Control Board in Washington, D.C. In 1956, Herbert won election to the Ohio Supreme Court, but a severe stroke prevented his seeking reelection. Herbert married Jeanette Judson (d. Dec. 1945) in 1919. He married Mildred Helen Stevenson in 1948. Herbert had 3 children, Metta Jane Stevers, Daniel, and John.

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