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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HOYT, DUSTIN, & KELLEY - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HOYT, DUSTIN, & KELLEY, which existed as such from 1893-1908, was a prominent law firm in Cleveland specializing in business law. Its major partners served as counselors and directors of a number of steamship companies, RAILROADS, banks, and manufacturing firms. A 1943 history of McKeehan, Merrick, Arter & Stewart and George William Cottrell, the successor of Hoyt, Dustin & Kelley, traced the firm's origins to the partnership of George Willey and John E. Cary (1843-71), which became Willey, Cary, & Terrell (1871-74), and then Willey, Sherman & Hoyt (1877-84) when James H. Hoyt (10 Nov. 1850-21 Mar. 1917) joined Willey and Henry S. Sherman in 1877. Sherman and Hoyt operated on their own from 1884-89, before adding the name of Alton C. Dustin (1859-17 Nov. 1938) to the firm's title. Sherman, Hoyt, & Dustin (1889-93) became Hoyt & Dustin briefly in 1893 after Sherman's death, but the two soon elevated to full partnership Hermon A. Kelley (15 May 1859-2 Feb. 1925), former assistant corporation counsel for the City of Cleveland, who had joined the firm in 1891. James Hoyt was an organizer and counselor for the AMERICAN SHIP BUILDING CO., Pittsburgh Steamship Co., and GREAT LAKES TOWING CO., and general counsel and director of the Hocking Valley Railroad, among other companies. Hermon Kelley served as secretary and general counsel for American Ship Building and Great Lakes Towing, and was a director and general counsel for the Pittsburgh Steamship Co. Alton Dustin also served as general counsel for railroad companies and corporations. In 1909 Hoyt, Dustin, & Kelley added 2 new names to the firm's title, those of Homer H. McKeehan (27 June 1870-23 Apr. 1938) and Horace Andrews (21 Sept. 1861-27 Apr. 1939). With Dustin's retirement from practice in 1932, McKeehan became the senior partner in the new firm.

McKeehan, Merrick, Arter & Stewart and George William Cottrell. Program of the One Hundred Anniversary Firm Dinner, Sept. 1943.

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