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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

HEIGHTS COMMUNITY CONGRESS (HCC) - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The HEIGHTS COMMUNITY CONGRESS (HCC), founded in 1972 (inc. 1973), is a non-partisan, broad-based citizen coalition of over 200 organizations and 1,000 individuals which monitors and supports integration in CLEVELAND HEIGHTS Concerned Jewish and Catholic residents formed HCC. Among its many accomplishments, HCC helped establish and maintain city-regulated fair housing and home inspection (1974), a housing service for homebuyers (1974), and neighborhood associations. Court suits filed by HCC against local realtors set new standards for non-discriminatory treatment of prospective homeowners. In the 1990s HCC participated in the County-Wide Financial Institutions Advisory Committee, to examine financial lending patterns for disparate treatment. HCC also aims to maintain and promote the city's physical environment, through resident involvement in home improvement workshops and awards, and the annual Heights Heritage Home Tour. HCC offices were located at 2163 Lee Rd. in 1992; Martha Goble was the director.

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