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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

GRIES FAMILY FOUNDATION - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The GRIES FAMILY FOUNDATION, established in 1986 in Cleveland by Ellen D. Cole and Robert D. Gries (a descendant of philanthropist NATHAN DAUBY†), has supported HIGHER EDUCATION, EDUCATION, cultural programs such as the performing arts, and HOSPITALS & HEALTH PLANNING, primarily in Cleveland. It has concentrated on charities of interest to the trustees. In 1990, with the GEORGE GUND FOUNDATION and the CLEVELAND FOUNDATION, the Gries Family Foundation supported the ART exhibit, Cleveland's African Images, at the Northeastern Ohio Art Museum. With assets of over $3.9 million in 1992, the Gries Family Foundation distributed $161,406 for 48 grants ranging between $188 and $20,000. In 1994 Robert D. Gries was the foundation president; offices were located on E. 9th St. in Cleveland.


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