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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FITZGERALD, WILLIAM SINTON - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FITZGERALD, WILLIAM SINTON (6 Oct. 1880-3 Oct. 1937), a member of city council for 4 years and appointed mayor by HARRY L. DAVIS† in 1921, was born in Washington, D.C., to David and Esther Sinton Fitzgerald. He was educated in Washington's public schools, and received a Master of Laws degree from Geo. Washington University in 1903. He came to Cleveland in 1904, was admitted to the Ohio bar that year, and practiced law. In 1911 he was elected to city council from the 11th ward as a Republican and served 2 terms. Fitzgerald was appointed law director by Mayor Harry L. Davis, and when Davis resigned in 1920 to campaign for governor, Fitzgerald became mayor. He was defeated in his mayoral bid by FRED KOHLER† in 1921 and afterward resumed his law practice. He died in NORTH ROYALTON at age 56. He had married Margaret Chilton Tucker on 14 Jan. 1920, and they had a son, Wm. Sinton, Jr. They were divorced in 1922, and he married Carolina Granger on 23 Mar. 1933.

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