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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FARLEY, JOHN HARRINGTON - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FARLEY, JOHN HARRINGTON (5 Feb. 1846-10 Feb. 1922), a member of city council (1871-77) and Cleveland mayor (1883-85, 1899-1901), was born in Cleveland to Patrick and Ann Schwartz Farley. He received a public-school education. Interested in politics, he was elected to city council in 1871 as a Democrat and served 3 terms. Known as "Honest John" Farley, he was elected mayor in 1883. After 1 term in office, he was appointed collector of internal revenue by Pres. Grover Cleveland and was made director of public works in Cleveland under Mayor ROBT. BLEE† in 1893. With the support of the Municipal Assoc. (now the CITIZENS LEAGUE OF GREATER CLEVELAND), he defeated incumbent Republican mayor ROBT. MCKISSON† in Apr. 1899. During his term in office, Farley had to request the state militia to support Cleveland police in maintaining order during the streetcar strike in 1899. In business, Farley was a contractor and president of the Mutual Bldg. & Investment Co. He participated in founding the Central Natl. Bank and also was an officer of the GUARDIAN SAVINGS AND TRUST CO. Farley married Margaret Kenney on 23 Nov. 1884; they had no children. He died of a stroke and is buried in WOODLAND CEMETERY.

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