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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FLINT, EDWARD SHERRILL - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

FLINT, EDWARD SHERRILL (3 Jan. 1819-29 Jan. 1902), a railroad executive, banker, and mayor of Cleveland (1861-63), was born in Warren, Ohio, but the early deaths of both parents left him to be raised and educated by his grandparents in Vermont. He initially worked as a bookkeeper, but by 1851 relocated himself and his family to Cleveland to start a real-estate firm. Finding his interest to be railroads, Flint served as superintendent of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, & Indianapolis Railroad from 1859 to 1878. In 1860, Flint became a member of the Cleveland School Board and the following year was elected mayor. The outbreak of the CIVIL WAR made Flint decide to become a Republican, although he later became a War Democrat. During his term in office, he supported the cause of the North in the Civil War and took measures for the city to aid the families of local soldiers. Flint was defeated in his second mayoral election by . He retired from public life, remaining in the railroad business until his retirement in 1879. At that time he remained only as a trustee of the Society for Savings. Flint was married to Caroline E. Lemen (d. 1899) of Cleveland. The couple had 3 children: Carolin, Fanny, and William. Flint died in Cleveland and was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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