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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History


The ELISABETH SEVERANCE PRENTISS FOUNDATION was founded in Jan. 1939 in Cleveland by ELISABETH SEVERANCE ALLEN PRENTISS†, Luther L. Miller, and Kate W. Miller. It began operating after Prentiss's death in 1944. Funds were entrusted to the National City Bank (subsidiary of NATIONAL CITY CORP.). In 1965 the foundation added the Luther L. and Kate W. Miller Fund, with other family funds designated to be added in the future. The Prentiss Foundation has supported and promoted medical and surgical research, public health, public hospitals, and better methods of hospital management and administration, to the end of making medical care "available to all." Grants have been given primarily in the greater Cleveland area, especially to SAINT LUKES MEDICAL CENTER (almost 48% of total grants in 1991; 39% in 1993). Other beneficiaries have included the CHILD GUIDANCE CENTER OF GREATER CLEVELAND, the FREE MEDICAL CLINIC OF GREATER CLEVELAND, UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS CASE MEDICAL CENTER, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing of CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY., the CLEVELAND CLINIC FOUNDATION, HOSPICE OF THE WESTERN RESERVE, and PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF GREATER CLEVELAND. The Prentiss Foundation does not fund individuals, national fundraising organizations or foundations, scholarships, fellowships, loans, or matching gifts. In 1994 the foundation's assets were over $60 million, with expenditures of over $2.4 million for grants. Quentin Alexander was foundation president in 1995.

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