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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

ELIZABETH RING AND WILLIAM GWINN MATHER FUND - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The ELIZABETH RING AND WILLIAM GWINN MATHER FUND was founded in 1954 in Cleveland by Elizabeth Ring Mather (1891-1957), from her husband's estate. The fund supports the arts, hospitals and health agencies, secondary and HIGHER EDUCATION, conservation, and social welfare efforts. No grants are awarded to individuals or for scholarships, fellowships, matching gifts, or loans; grant applications are not encouraged. The Mather Fund donates especially to local organizations with which the founders were directly connected, such as UNIVERSITY CIRCLE, INC. (UCI), members. For example, in 1984 the fund helped support the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART's new wing. In 1993 assets of the fund were over $9 million, with expenditures of over $951,576 for 41 grants, ranging from $600 to $626,000. That year the Elizabeth Ring and William Gwinn Mather Fund was located in the Citizens Bldg., 850 Euclid Ave.; Jas. D. Ireland was the fund's president.


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