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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

DEMMY, OLEAN WELLS - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

DEMMY, OLEAN WELLS (8 Jan. 1913-23 June 1993) capped a long career in community service with the revival of the old Hruby Conservatory as the Broadway School of Music. A native of frontier Oklahoma, she was the daughter of Joseph and Hadie Savage Wells. She earned a teaching certificate from South Eastern College of Oklahoma, adding a master's degree later from Oklahoma A&M. While teaching in Alaska she met Pennsylvania native Nicholas Demmy, whom she married in 1946. The couple moved from Baltimore to Portland, Ore., to San Francisco while Demmy pursued a medical education. They came to Cleveland in 1956, and Dr. Demmy served on the staff of the FAIRHILL MENTAL HEALTH CENTER Mrs. Demmy became involved in the CLEVELAND COUNCIL ON WORLD AFFAIRS, teaching English and American culture to wives of foreign doctors. She was also president of the Women's Auxiliary of the ACADEMY OF MEDICINE OF CLEVELAND. When Dr. Demmy joined the staff of ST. ALEXIS HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER, she became president of the St. Alexis Hospital Medical Auxiliary. She determined to restore the Hruby Conservatory of Music building (see HRUBY FAMILY) near St. Alexis after her husband had purchased it as an investment. Taking charge of cleaning and repairs, she induced the CLEVELAND MUSIC SCHOOL SETTLEMENT to operate a branch there in 1980. It became independent as the Broadway School of Music in 1983, with Mrs. Demmy serving as chairwoman until her resignation for reasons of health. She died in Cleveland and was buried at LAKE VIEW CEMETERY. Besides her husband, she was survived by 2 daughters: Elizabeth Anne Delton and Mary Kathryn Demmy.

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