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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

BAY VILLAGE - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

BAY VILLAGE, incorporated as the Village of Bay on 1 May 1903 and as a city in 1950, lies along Lake Erie at the western edge of Cuyahoga County. Occupying 4.5 sq. mi., it borders ROCKY RIVER on the east, WESTLAKE on the south, and Avon Lake (Lorain County) on the west. The name Bay Village was decided by ballot in a 1951 election. Bay Village (also referred to as North Dover in the early 20th century) was originally a portion of Dover Twp., formed in 1803, the same year that Cuyahoga County was created. The first permanent white settlers, the JOSEPH CAHOON† family, arrived and settled on original lot No. 95 on 10 Oct. 1810. Cahoon built the first gristmill west of the CUYAHOGA RIVER in 1813. After the Civil War, affluent Clevelanders built summer cottages on the Lake Erie shoreline. Dover Twp. flourished, but landowners felt a lack of representative government. In 1901 residents forced an election, which resulted in the creation of Bay Village. FISHING INDUSTRY was an important industry until the late 19th century, as were vineyards and apple and peach orchards (see AGRICULTURE). In the early 20th century, suburban homebuilding encroached upon family farms. Bay became noted as a closely knit residential community, interested in civic, social, and cultural advancement. In 1986 it had only 2 industries: a small machine-fabricating plant and a processing plant for food toppings. Commercial establishments were concentrated in 2 shopping centers. The village has a branch of the CUYAHOGA COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM (CCPL). Population has grown from 450 in 1910, to 3,700 in 1940, to 16,087 in 2000. Recreational facilities include a municipal swimming pool, Huntington Reservation of the CLEVELAND METROPARKS, and Cahoon Park, donated to the city in 1917 from the estate of Ida Marie Cahoon.

See also SUBURBS.

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