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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

BUCKEYE-WOODLAND COMMUNITY CONGRESS (BWCC) - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The BUCKEYE-WOODLAND COMMUNITY CONGRESS (BWCC) coordinated grass-roots community action among more than 200 religious, educational, business, political, neighborhood, and service groups in the BUCKEYE-WOODLAND area from 1974 until 1987. Responding to tensions between black and ethnic residents, BWCC promoted community cooperation, equal-opportunity housing, and neighborhood improvement. In 1976 BWCC testified before committees in both houses of Congress, urging changes in the Veterans Administration's housing policy and opposing the city's use of federal block grant monies to purchase the proposed Cleveland Arena. A nonpartisan umbrella organization funded by such sources as the Cleveland Foundation, BWCC grew out of Project Interface, a 1973 Catholic Commission on Community Action effort. BWCC was at 10613 Lamontier Ave. (1970s) and at 2787 Ambler Ave. (1980s). In the late 1980s BWCC became less active; the organization was dissolved in 1987.

Buckeye-Woodland Community Congress Records, WRHS.

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