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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

BOOK AND THIMBLE CLUB - The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The BOOK AND THIMBLE CLUB was a women's literary society that was active from 1890 until sometime after 1952. The group was founded when several women met in the home of Mrs. W. A. McKinsery on Cedar Ave. One of the women would read while the others would sew--thus the origin of the club's name. Four years later the group reorganized as a study club with the goal of promoting intellectual pursuits. Each year there was a specific theme or program of study, usually revolving around literature or sometimes economics. Meetings were held on alternate Fridays from October to May. Membership was limited to 25 women, though there were a small number of additional honorary and associate members. By 1920 most of the club's members lived in CLEVELAND HEIGHTS or EAST CLEVELAND. The club cooperated with the educational and philanthropic work of the FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS OF GREATER CLEVELAND. The Book and Thimble Club was instrumental in organizing the CONSUMERS LEAGUE OF OHIO. As early as the 1930s the group, one of the oldest women's clubs in the city, had difficulty finding younger members. It faded from existence sometime after 1952.

Book and Thimble Club Records, WRHS.

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